Hyphen Virtual Showroom allows you to reach customers and partners of all nationalities in real time through a digital platform that is fully integrated with business systems.
The system allows you to consulttechnical data sheets, interactive360-degree images of products and communication materials, as well as offering the possibility of managing pre-orders. All in an easy-to-use, private and protected cloud environment.

How it works

1. Management of
Photographic Process

Optimization of the photographic process

Photographic production and interactive assets through the use of dedicated sets and equipment

High quality, speed and creative consistency

2. Consolidation of
Digital Product Identity

Integration with business processes and applications

Full integration between assets and metadata with pre-existing product master data

Clustering by region / channel / group / user

Integration with Artificial Intelligence for automatic product tagging

3. Virtual Showroom

Responsive online environment for the presentation of product data sheets, high definition images , 360° interactive views , videos and communication materials

Full integration with company PLM / ERP systems

Advanced API integrations with existing OMS systems

Main Features

1. Management of photographic process

Creation of the shooting list based on the existing registry.

High definition and quality of the shooting system

Multimedia support includes static images, videos and 360 interative shots

2. Combination of two technologies

The combination of digital assets and product information generates the Digital Product Identity 

An Artificial Intelligence system allows the automatic tagging of products

The process includes the ability to manage approval flows

3. Portal Virtual showroom

The products are presented in a clear and technical context

Users can create wishlists and generate a pre-order

A notification system is activated when new pre-orders arrive

Virtual Showroom guarantees security and reliability in data and content management.

The solution can be deployed in 2 ways:


SaaS ( Hyphen-Cloud )

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