The importance of product photography in the era of digital transformation

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HSL: Automated management of the photographic process

We’ve already explained why creating the Product Digital Identity is a vital preliminary factor in creating a real Digital Transformation. Digital Identity means the digital version of a product that contains photos, videos, information and any other data that characterize a product and that can be useful for communication, promotion and sales.

During the process of creating the Product Digital Identity, photography plays a fundamental role.

No Photo, No Business!

Throughout the life-cycle of a product, photography is an essential part of digitization. Photography is involved in many processes; not just in communication and sales, e.g., press releases and e-commerce product pages, but also more “behind the scenes” processes connected with design, development, management, distribution and customer service.

Photography accompanies and supports all of these phases. In fact, their success often depends on a company’s ability to produce shots that are suitable for these activities. As we like to tell our clients, “No photo, no business.”

HSL: Industrialization and creativity

Photography is far from being a simple tool for communication or a purely artistic endeavor; it is a critical business process and has to be treated as such. This means organizing and managing the photography of products as an industrial process.

How? By controlling it through an automated workflow and rigorous production methods with low variation. So the first challenge that digital transformation creates for photography is how to combine the efficiency of industrial processes with the creativity and originality of an artistic product.

HSL (Hyphen Still Life) is an innovative solution created by Hyphen-Italia. It provides businesses with automated management of the photographic process, satisfying simultaneously their desire for images with style and quality AND the need for high efficiency in terms of productivity, costs and time-to-market.

To find out more visit the HSL website or contact us!


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