The management of beauty in organizations in the era of digital transformation

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From the Pulse Article of Stefano Righetti (CEO of Hyphen-Italia)

“This factory evolved, in the architect’s idea, respecting the beauty of the places and so that beauty was a comfort in everyday work.”

(Adriano Olivetti)

I believe that even small businesses can benefit greatly from the “management of beauty” within an organisation.
A beauty that should not be confused with aesthetics, design and appearance.

I refer to that beauty that favours a corporate lifestyle oriented towards the generation of happiness and the growth of people and their full potential. This should be the building block upon which to redefine the paradigm of HR services, building management, quality and safety management.

In a scenario where technological evolution and digital transformation more generally seem to have forgotten that the ultimate goal should be the real improvement of people’s quality of life, we find ourselves in organizations facing ever higher levels of stress.

I believe that the introduction of an “architect of beauty and perceived quality” can turn out to be a valuable corporate asset, a key to generate and deliver higher quality on the market.

“I want Olivetti being not just a factory, but an inspiring model and a way of life. I want it to produce freedom and beauty because it will be them, freedom and beauty, to tell us how to be happy!”

(Adriano Olivetti)

A dream that I would like to fulfil in Hyphen-Italia… From next week we will start a specific search and selection of personnel.

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