HSL + HILP photo studio opens in Manchester

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Hyphen-UK and the on-line specialist fit fashion retailer N Brown are happy to announce the grand opening of the World’s largest Hyphen- HSL+HILP fashion photography studio at the N Brown head office in Manchester.
The new HILP studio was officially revealed at a launch event on January 24th, with special guest star Andrew Flintoff in attendance as part of his long serving ambassador role for N Brown brand, Jacamo, to showcase the photo booth and to demonstrate its full suite of capabilities.

The new HILP Studio will transform N Brown ecommerce photography capabilities by delivering high quality photography content, colour consistency and great productivity. Product shots will be available for on-line publishing in minutes.
Additionally, N Brown ecommerce will now be able to take advantage of the many Hyphen- HSL shooting modes/views such as stills, interactive model moving imaging (HILP photos), 360 spins and start/stop motion photos.
The Hyphen- HSL technology will greatly enhance N Brown ecommerce user experience with a more versatile and visually enticing presentation of their brands products.

N Brown’s investment in Hyphen- technology is the latest step in its transformation into an agile, online retailer, allowing its fashion brands to get products ready for online in hours as opposed to days.
The new HILP photo studio has also been built to deliver a new environment that is model centric with a green room for relaxation and preparation.

Ralph Tucker, Chief Product and Supply Officer at N Brown said: “This is an exciting step forward in our ecommerce capabilities, pushing N Brown to the forefront of UK online retailing. We now have the ability to offer products to our customers quicker than ever before and can provide improved visuals with 360 and HILP motion product assets to further improve our customers’ experience.”

Alessio Saraceno, Co-Founder and Managing Director from Hyphen UK said: “Having the chance to cooperate with a leading UK retail company such as N Brown, is a great honour and, above all, a fundamental growth experience for the Hyphen team. This is the world’s largest photo studio equipped with HILP technology! It’s an ambitious and innovative project, designed according to a shared vision of both companies on the future of the Digital Transformation of fashion Brands. The excellent N Brown team will for sure transform this project for an extremely successful industry first case. We also want to thank Niel Crozier @ N Brown for his vision and leadership to bring this innovative project to fruition.”

For further information about HILP, visit HSL web site or send us an email to to info@hyphen-uk.com.

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