Digital Supply Chain: how to enhance it through digital transformation

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For some time now we hear the terms digitisation, multi-platform and digital disruption used, but what are we talking about exactly?

The advent of digital has radically changed the models of business of organisations. The channels of communications have grown, and consumer habits and expectations have changed.

Today, for each product, Brands produce a much larger amount of information and digital assets which then need to be adapted to create different content to follow different strategies based on the platform for use, digital device and the type of client the Brand is seeking to target.

In the past, organisations have translated the multiplication of platforms and materials into a corresponding multiplication of departments and editorial processes, creating redundant activities and waste in terms of cost, dedicated resources, and production times.

It is obvious that in the long run such a reaction is not sustainable.

Nonetheless the new reality created by digitisation does not need to be lived like a trauma that immobilises the whole organisation. It can instead be the opportunity to give a push to the business.

When a new digital transformation project is launched, it is immediately apparent that it is not just about selecting the most innovative technologies. Adapting to the new digital world means a careful revision of the processes and flows of information best placed to add value, not just for the businesses’ clients, but also for the different roles within the business and the Digital Supply Chain.

At the end of our journey of change management, we have witnessed in first person how Brands with which we have worked have been able to optimise the processes in terms of time-to-market, costs and dedicated resources; to simplify and add value to the work of their teams, to improve data flows and relationships with partners and suppliers, and to provide complete and efficient content to clients, adapting them to the communications channel with minimum effort and maximum flexibility.

It is the job of the managers to drive the business along this road, preparing for challenges that a change of model and organisational culture can bring. Their ability to guide the digital transformation of the business can make all the difference between remaining trapped in inefficient processes or moving into a new era, in which processes and technologies give life to new digital communications that are efficient and successful.

About Hyphen-UK

We work with businesses on the road to digitisation.
We are convinced that technology is a necessary but insufficient tool to create real value for customers.

Our work is born from the analysis of the current state of the organisation and the resulting strategic framework that outlines a path for bespoke change management which focuses on improving procedures and processes that feed its communications, promotions, and multi-channel sales. Finally, we identify and develop software best suited to the specific needs of the client and the market of operation.

To learn more about our approach and solutions, contact us via this form or write us an email at We are looking forward to meeting you!

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