How to use Product Marketing Master Data in the digital market

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Hello! Welcome to Hyphen-UK’s Blog. This is a space where we welcome the exchange of ideas about the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age for the way that products are brought to market. We will talk about many subjects of interest to people and businesses looking to grow and expand – so please follow us and watch this space!
In this first short blog we are talking about a fundamental piece of data management for market differentiation, penetration, and success – Product Marketing Master Data.

What exactly is Product Market Master Data?

We all know how difficult it can be to get all departments to ‘sing form the same hymn sheet’. Often, the creation, filing, codification, and research of product information creates redundancies, duplications, and inefficiencies which are inevitably a waste of resources.

In this digital age, we have to accompany every stage of the product process with a series of text, visual information and content which add value and differentiate our offer from those of our competitors.

The use of Product Marketing Master Data allows the business to gather all the technical, commercial and marketing elements that constitute the Digital Identity of a product in one place. It allows for all the content related to a product to be consistent and adapted to every context. For example, any department or role can access the same information – text, visual, video, whatever – and select elements and agreed branding to bring the product to a new audience or channel. Organising the information coherently also helps determine the product’s ability to differentiate itself and succeed in the market.

Hyphen-Italia works with its partners to build the Digital Identity of its products, analysing the existing situation and designing a future-proof plan within which all the processes are structured in order to increase commercial efficiency and market penetration.

Do you want to learn more about working with Master Data or share your point of view? We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us by filling in a form or write to as at to arrange an appointment.

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