The creation of catalogs and flyers in the digital age: how to manage it

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Physical and digital printing of catalogues, flyers, or brochures are a sales and marketing platform of primary importance for any retailer. Managing their workcycle, however, is often very onerous in terms of cost, time, and resources.

While in the past it was the habit of retailers to produce large runs of materials in order to reduce the costs of production and printing, in today’s world it is fundamental to be flexible and adapt the content to the target market and the media used for sales & marketing.

In order to best respond to these new operational challenges, businesses need to find new ways to optimise processes and resources – including using innovative tools better able to support communications functions.

Let’s start from content

Marketing texts; technical data; commercial information; visual aids, and other multimedia assets… the choice and combination of some or all of these elements in a defined template are at the root of the construction of different media of communications and promotions.

The great diversity of this content and the variety of people and functions that create and adapt them over time makes their filing and use quite complicated.

The option to digitise assets, data, and information of a product opens a new and diverse possibility in the area of production, management, and delivery of materials in promotion and sale for Retailers and large scale distribution.

Coordinating content, processes, and people

Within the discipline of production of flyers, catalogues, and brochures, in general companies prefer to outsource parts of the activity to graphic designers, photographers, creative agencies, production companies, and delivery of promotional materials.

This means that there is a great need to regulate and organise internal and external processes and to control the changes made, with the objective of ensuring that the information is coherent and appropriate and that production times respect the deadlines.

Hyphen-Italia offers consulting services which analyse information flows and processes that govern the creation of such materials, contributing to redesign them with the objective of making the entire process more agile and effective.

Whatsmore, thanks to technological solutions developed, Hyphen-Italia can work with companies in advanced stages of change, to create a system that allows people to share content that they need and the business to coordinate and oversee the progress of activities.

Working the workflow way

Surrounding the construction of the Digitial Identity of a product: i.e. a database of the product into which all information necessary for the production of materials can be found, we map workflows and interdependencies that characterise change cycles, adaptation, and production of content.

Through the development of particular workflows and specific templates for the creation of communication materials, our applications simplify and automate the processes that require cooperation between different internal and external collaborators.

From idea to delivery of the promotional message, our systems are capable of tracking and managing sign-off procedures and make available content and tools also to third parties, subject to previous agreemement of the rules of access.

Thanks to the solutions developed by Hyphen-Italia, the entire production cycle of catalogues and flyers is streamlined and controlled, reducing the costs and time of production and eliminitating inefficiencies common in these processes.

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