Media Management: finding your way in a complex advertising world

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The world of advertising is characterised by a high degree of complexity. The choice of media platforms and formats of communications and the number of players and competencies involved in the process of Media Management give way to a situation that is a challenge to manage and control.

A universe in a state of expansion

Businesses are looking at a world that is increasingly without limits, made up of channels and media that are quite different between them in terms of campaign planning, roles involved, specific requests, types of formats…

The array and variety of platforms and channels make it very difficult to project manage effectively given the need to synchronise delivery on various media, to guarantee a higher level of quality and homogeneity of messages and artwork, and to integrate reports and statistics from different sources.

In recent years, digital technology and the habits of users has increased the variables at play, making the life of brands and of communications agencies more challenging, especially as regards the personalisation of content based on platform.

In addition, if in case of TV, print, and radio, Brands and agencies can take advantage of predefined formats to produce materials more adapted to each media, digital is a new reality in continuous evolution that sees the birth of new platforms and formats every day, complicating all processes of editing of content communication and promotion online.

A world of relationships

The second reason for complexity is the involvement of numerous roles, distinct between them, both inside and outside the organisation.

From the definition of the planning strategy, buying and the creation and production of materials, to delivery and control reporting, there are not enough fingers on our hands to count the number of people involved in the whole process of Media Planning!

Each of these actors has a competence and a specific language and is specialised on their own activity in order to meet their own objectives. If you asked a person who works in the Media / Advertising department for an opinion about the administrative offices or external agencies (and vice-versa) they would probably be able to list more differences with their own work than points in common.

Nonetheless, if we look at the activities involved in Media Management in their ensemble, we notice that we are really talking about one articulated process: the different departments are part of a chain, within which every link is connected to the previous and following, and provides – or could provide – content, digital assets, data and information that would improve and facilitate the work of others.

Beating the Chaos

We have outlined a dynamic and fragmented media and the processes tied to advertising. Moving within this universe without a real understanding of its complexity and the ways of dealing with them generally creates chaos and a loss of control of some processes.

For this reason, businesses must promote a culture that increases the understanding that everyone is part of a larger process, to which they can contribute with success thanks to their competencies and capabilities.

Rethinking processes and procedures for project management means recognising interdependencies and giving individuals the right tools to support their work and its integration with other departments. This is the first step to manage in an orderly way the process of Media Planning from start to finish, optimising activities and resources and increasing the success of projects.

This article aims to give a brief general description of the problems that businesses face in the planning and management of today’s media campaigns. It is only the first in the series of posts that have the objective of studying in-depth the challenges that the digital revolution and fragmentation presents and how organisations can adapt to these new realities through a path of digital transformation, supported by a proven approach and appropriate technologies. Check out our other posts on Media Management.

About Hyphen-UK

We work with businesses on the road to digitisation.
We are convinced that technology is a necessary but insufficient tool to create real value for customers.

Our work is born from the analysis of the current state of the organisation and the resulting strategic framework that outlines a path for bespoke change management which focuses on improving procedures and processes that feed its communications, promotions, and multi-channel sales. Finally, we identify and develop software best suited to the specific needs of the client and the market of operation.

In 2017, we entirely revisited the Chalco Media Management Platform, widening the flows and the areas covered, with the aim of bringing it closer to the needs tied to media management in the era of digital multichannel realities.

To learn more about our approach and solutions, contact us via this form or write us an email at We are looking forward to meeting you!

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