Managing packaging workflows for winning Private Label strategies

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Recently, there has been an increase in private label products among retailers. It reinforces the image of the brand, creates loyalty among consumers, and now represents a large share of in-store revenue.

Private Label: When the supermarket becomes manufacturer

Creating, producing, and managing the private label product requires a series of investments that meet the need to control the manufacturing site, during which time the role of the distributor overlaps in effect with that of the manufacturer.

The choice of supplier, their certification, the document exchange for the agreement and launch of the supply contract, the management of product information, the creative tied to the product packaging and the monitoring of different phases until the printing of materials are just some of the many activities necessary for the management of Private Label.

Each of these operations is managed using different systems that can be more or less planned (from departments that are responsible for managing the process to ad hoc exchanges of files compiled manually and handed across roles) and takes place in various business functions and between external actors who have the need to interact in a simple and coordinated way.

Given the complexity and the number of people involved, the first step for the retailer is to analyse and organise information flows and editorial processes, putting in order roles, documents and sources in order to avoid an excessive waste of time and resources.

Managing production flows of packaging

Retailers continue to sharpen their strategies for the management of activities dedicated to Private Label. Packaging, in particular, has the important job of presenting the private label to consumers in a way that generates the same perception of quality and desire of traditional brands.

Hypen-UK offers strategic consulting services to analyse the process involved and understand which are the real needs tied to the private label. We supply services and software specifically to support activities of graphic creation and packaging production.

With the solutions offered by Hyphen-UK, a retailer can bring together and organise a unique environment for digital content related to its private label products from different sources and make them available to various people involved in the creation of new materials.

Staying always within the same system, the retailer can launch and manage all cycles of editing, sign-off, e-procurement and delivery of materials, taking advantage of a complete visibility on all operations.

Even internal resources and external collaborators involved in flows of production of packaging will immediately notice the advantage of the adoption of new workflows and software. Their work will be more organised, simplified, and faster, with measurable benefits on business performance, on the quality of their collaborations, and job satisfaction.

About Hyphen-UK

We work with businesses on the road to digitisation.
We are convinced that technology is a necessary but insufficient tool to create real value for customers.

Our work is born from the analysis of the current state of the organisation and the resulting strategic framework that outlines a path for bespoke change management which focuses on improving procedures and processes that feed its communications, promotions, and multi-channel sales. Finally, we identify and develop software best suited to the specific needs of the client and the market of operation.

To learn more about our approach and solutions, contact us via this form or write us an email at We are looking forward to meeting you!

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