Lene Thun NPO Foundation

For the first time ever HSL and Chalco Brand Life solutions support improvement projects for an NPO.

The Lene Thun Foundation

HSL and Chalco Brand Life solutions supporting improvement projects for an NPO

The Lene Thun NPO Foundation brings art therapy to Paediatric Oncohaematology Units within hospitals all over Italy, providing children with ceramic modelling laboratories as a way to inspire creativity and offer support in difficult times.

The Foundation is now operating in 21 hospitals, with 38 labs and 500 volunteers, and the benefits of recreational therapy as psychological support are being seen throughout.

Clay modelling is scientifically recognised as a support to medical pharmacological therapy.  Modelling activates the “healthy side” of the children, waking up their creativity and social abilities. It enables them to remember the pleasure of playing, allows a more effective reaction to treatment and enhances their quality of life.



We have been so impressed by the passion and the hard work of all the people that are involved with the Lene Thun NPO Foundation that we wanted to become part of it, too.

How could we help? We considered how our digital transformation focus, usually applied in business fields, could help this amazing non-profit project. Here’s what we found out…

With the increasing success of the initiative, Lene Thun NPO Foundation wanted to expand to all of the major Italian hospitals. In order to do this, they would need new operational management due to the constant and increasing flow of contents, information and assets.  

Their initial management did not allow the Foundation to use them for communication purposes, nor to store them in an effective way for families to find a particular piece of art.

Our goal is to provide the Foundation with tools to manage the labs, activities and processes in a more structured way, allowing digitalization of the art-works, so that they can be enjoyed by the Foundation and the families. Each step has been designed to respect the privacy legislation due to the sensitive data handled by the system.

By analysing the context, we understood that the key elements of the digitalization are the same in every organization, and the heart of this process is the creation of a product’s (in this case Artwork) Digital Identity. A clean management of the digital assets capitalise their value and let the organization use them for different purposes over time.

From this analysis, supported by a strict method inspired by the Theory of Constraints, we have created a solution that has an enormous returned value both for the Foundation and all the actors involved. Beginning with the list of the main problems highlighted by the Foundation, we identified specific tools to solve them. With a new system, we can manage the production, the storage, the adaptation and the distribution of the digital contents with the support of a flexible products manager.

Digital at the service of Social

When we hear about digital transformation we always think about projects aimed to increase business performances, decrease costs, and raise profits, but what we love is to think about this process as a medium to elevate and share the value of people’s work.

With this project we overcame our expectations, by exploring the digital potential as a Good amplifier, as a tool to service society.

Respecting this delicate reality, we developed a project that enables the Foundation not only to simplify the labs management and support at the best the communication activities, but also to provide easy access to digital contents for the authors of the artworks and their families, making all these precious memories available forever.


Opera collettiva della Fondazione Lene Thun