Ikonic chooses Hyphen-Italia Photo Production Management solution

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Photo Production Management solution: The case history of Ikonic

Increasing the productivity of the photographic process

Ikonic has chosen our Photo Production Management solution to improve and structure its photographic process and speed up publication on its E-Commerce channel

Photo Production Management

IKONIC is a retail fashion business that owns four Coltorti brand boutiques in the Marches region, one in Pescara (Abruzzo region) and one in the USA in Miami Beach. They also have an e-commerce site for online sales. Ikonic sells clothing and accessories from various top Italian and international brands, as well as several up-and-coming designers. For this reason, their ability to be quick in reacting to input from the market is crucial for their business success.

Ikonic has an internal production team that takes care of capturing photographs, post-production processes and uploading content for individual products onto their e-commerce channel. With an increasing number of products, they were looking for a partner to help them simplify and automatize manual activities connected with their photographic processes.

Hyphen-Italia offered its expertise by analyzing, together with the Ikonic team, the best activities to improve or standardize so that the entire e-commerce department could increase its productivity.

Starting from an analysis of the situation and needs of the client, Hyphen-Italia designed a PhotoLab made up of three consoles to manage production and capturing of photographs, two of which connected to a traditional set and one connected to an HSL Desk set. Well defined style-guides were introduced for every category of merchandise, in this way guaranteeing maximum consistency among images throughout the entire online store. This created a substantial increase in perceived quality.

Introducing HSL technology has enabled activation of automatic whitening, adaptation and post-production processes, as well as flows for notes, approval and rejection of photographic sessions and manually processed images. Moreover, the image renaming service reduced completion time and possibilities for error in activities with low added value, such as manually recoding files.

Uniform and standardized images, fast capturing of photographs, reduced manual tasks and exporting of photos adapted for the e-commerce channel – all these elements have allowed Ikonic to increase the productivity of the department exponentially. These results have significantly reduced production costs and speeded up publishing of their products for online sales.

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