Hyphen- makes landfall in America with Hyphen-US

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Hyphen-US new opening

Following our expansion to the United Kingdom, and thanks to the support and trust of our clients, we are excited to announce our arrival in America!

New offices in New York for the Hyphen-Group

After Affi and London, the Hyphen-Group has opened a new office: this time in New York!

Hyphen-US is born as part of an ambitious project of growth and evolution that aims to take overseas our vision, our approach to tech, and our software solutions developed over the years, competing at global level with market leaders.

The new office of Hyphen-US will be a commercial base for the activities of Hyphen-. Hyphen-Italia will continue to house the entire R&D and Production staff who coordinate product development and offer support to specialist teams based in the various territories.

Change and Innovation: the Hyphen- project

From 1998 the Hyphen- group has focused on providing support for business and product marketing and communications activities through consulting services and its IT platform, Chalco.Net.

The Hyphen- market proposition consists in providing solutions for the primary challenges of communications, promotions, and multichannel sales in a timely way.

Chalco.Net is the modular platform for the construction of the corporate Digital Supply Chain. It allows the integrated management of digital assets in every moment of the product life cycle, from its conception and production to the contact with suppliers and external partners. It provides an operating environment that ensures collaboration and guides the communications between the different stakeholders involved in the production of assets, information, and digital content.

The software is only one part of change management that brings a real transformation to the business, Hyphen- also accompanies organizations throughout the process of digitization by providing consulting services that redraw competitive processes.

The value of the solution is confirmed by the satisfaction of our clients in all sectors in which we operate: from famous and luxury fashion brands to large-scale distribution, from industry to communications agencies.

Almost 20 years since the birth of Hyphen-Italia, the opening of the new offices in New York is another step in our mission to bring an innovative solution to support digital transformation – one that makes the editorial process for creating marketing communications more efficient, greatly improving our clients’ ability to compete.

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