Hyphen-Italia @ Richmond E-Commerce Forum 2018

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Grand Hotel Rimini - Hyphen-Italia at Richmond E-Commerce Forum

Hyphen-Italia is going participate to the Richmond E-Commerce Forum for the third year running. This event is focused on business matching in the E-Commerce field, and this year it is going to take place in Rimini, at the Grand Hotel on the 20th and 21st of September.

The programme envisages one to one meetings, in which we are going to follow up with the Delegates some of the main problematics of the e-stores management. Furthermore, we are going to explain our digital transformation processes and the vision and the systems approach through which we develop our E-Commerce solutions. In fact, even when we design an E-Commerce project, we cannot overlook that it is an integral part of a fully-fledged flow that obtains data, information and digital assets from many business areas that collaborate and enrich the editorial contents of the product until their publishing.

The HSL (Hyphen Still Life) and Chalco Brand Life solutions allow the organizations to manage the shooting workflow and the product publishing workflow in order to industrialize the product- photography-process, to acquire the images connected to the other data of the corporate, to support the editorial activities of copywriting, translation and tagging at best, and, finally, to manage the subsequent stages of multichannel adaptation and delivery, through automatic workflows.

The HSL new technology, presented this summer during the first Hyphen-Digital@Workshop, enables to create new innovative and interactive formats, that guarantee high performances in terms of browser placement and a big impact on the customer experience for a high-quality communication.

Our digitization approach has been already adopted by many companies and brands of the fashion, luxury, industry and retail sectors, and it allows the organisations to manage in an integrated way the communication materials through all their sales channels – online and offline – giving to the customer a consistent and uniform shopping experience and a durable relationship with the brand.

Are you going to attend the event too? Select us among your choices in the selection phase, it would be a pleasure for us to meet you.

For further information about our solutions you can contact us writing to info@hyphen-uk.com.

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About Hyphen-UK

We work with businesses on the road to digitisation.
We are convinced that technology is a necessary but insufficient tool to create real value for customers.

Our work is born from the analysis of the current state of the organisation and the resulting strategic framework that outlines a path for bespoke change management which focuses on improving procedures and processes that feed its communications, promotions, and multi-channel sales. Finally, we identify and develop software best suited to the specific needs of the client and the market of operation.

To learn more about our approach and solutions, contact us via this form or write us an email at info@hyphen-uk.com. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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