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Create and deliver contents that meet customer expectations in accordance with company policies.

Sales Team Challenges

Digital contents and product information circulating within companies are frequently redundant, stored in non-integrated systems and managed in silos by different functions.

The lack of procedures and tools capable of storing and codifying digital assets in a shared and centralised way generates retrieval pains for whoever needs to find the right content.

This context clashes with the commercial need to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests with correct and timely contents.

Create customised and effective materials in a fluid and quick way

Digital transformation offers the opportunity to optimise processes and valorise people capabilities. Leverage technology to streamline and facilitate the creation of commercial proposals that meet customer requirements and business policies without unnecessary waste of time and resources.

Our solutions equipe Sales Department with specific tools for fast and simplified online catalogue creation, with all the necessary content for product placement on your retailer’s shelves.

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Three reasons why we should meet

1 You need to reduce redundancies and inefficiencies related to the creation, storage and retrieval of product content circulating in your company.

2 You need to centrally manage digital contents and multi-channel editorial processes for a compelling communication that engages and converts your audience.

3 You are looking for tech tools to support the creation and distribution of digital assets through automated or simplified workflows.


Digital Product Identity

Store in one place all digital assets associated with their products.

One place many channels

Manage multiple product descriptions and information classified by devices, media, market, language, etc.

Full Material Control

Preliminary updating and approval cycles of images and texts used by Marketing and Sales.

Catalogues Creation

Define the template of your product catalogs and simplify their automated export creation.

Integrations with external sources

Fast data import and sync interface with all management systems.

Product Status

Thanks to the integration with your management systems and third-party apps, you know at any time whether the product is available, in production, sold out …

The path to digital transformation

  • Analysis

    We interview the roles involved in the change management project to learn about the current reality, identify problems and needs.

  • Design

    We draw the improvement project that best suits the business needs and identify the path and tools for its implementation.

  • Development

    In close collaboration with the client, we identify and implement the most appropriate tech solutions to support the needed change management path.

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Why Hyphen-UK


More than 20 years of experience across different verticals enabled us to understand the main issues and requirements organisations face in different industries. This knowledge allowed us to develop the right tools to easily identify and address the specific needs of our clients.


For any project we are involved in, we rely on a consolidated method inspired by the Theory of Constraints. The tools we use for the analysis, design and development phases enable us to create solutions that generate real value for our clients.


The Chalco.Net platform supports companies create and manage their Digital Product Identity with particular focus on communication, distribution and multi-channel sales. Its scalable and modular capabilities make sure that when your business grows and develops, so does Chalco.Net.


Our purpose is to design solutions that enhance people, improve processes and results of organisations and create win-win collaborations throughout the value chain.

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