E-commerce Content Management: adapting content to the context is the success key

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The digital revolution has brought a dramatic change in sales and communications of pretty much all products and services. Consumers are looking for the perfect purchase using an ever-increasing number of alternative channels and platforms, some that even a few years ago were considered niche or simply for informational purposes.

Every retailer is now forced to be present on multiple media and sales channels, from the classic website to social networks, as well as price comparison sites and aggregators.

Creating the right content for the right target…

The choice of platform is part and parcel of the marketing strategy of the business, but there is no doubt that for every media chosen images and content need to be created that engage the user in a specific and unique way.
For example, while on an e-commerce website it is necessary to present images that are consistent between them, on social media it is more impactful to have a short video or creative shoot of the product in order to catch the eye of the user and be seen and shared in other networks.

For this reason, before starting an e-commerce platform or designing a digital strategy, it is vital to have a preliminary phase of strategic analysis to identify the key messages and formats that are most appropriate, and to optimise the flows of production and delivery.

No matter the talent and competencies available to the business, however, there is inevitably a drain on time and money as a result of the processes involved in managing creative executions and approvals, and choosing and tailoring the most appropriate content for each platform.

… Avoiding waste and inefficiency

Often what is missing to make these activities more efficient is a system that is able to centralise and automate the processes, from the aggregation of information to the adaptation and delivery of materials.

Hyphen-Italia, through its tools and technologies, supports businesses with the analysis and design of editorial processes and aligns them with any change management necessary to implement them.

Specifically, our tools and services create a single point of control for all the digital assets and information on a product. From here, the various business operations can pull out the content useful to their communications, marketing, and sales projects. Only in the last leg will specific workflows for editing and delivery of content come in to play, thus allowing a simplification of the entire process and a reduction in the costs and times of publication.

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