ADV Campaign and Media Plans management

Manage workflows and approval cycles from one place and keep control over contents, budget and resources.

ADV campaigns today

Digitisations has not just improved contents creation tools, but it has also contributed to the proliferation of different and new output channels.

In addition, the creation, adaptation and delivery of contents for ADV campaigns are frequently outsourced to multiple external partners.

In this ever-changing scenario, it is of crucial importance to control, manage, and share all information and processes responsible for creating effective contents.

Where can digitisation take us?

Technology is just a tool. Delivering value requires for technology to be linked with business.
Digital transformation goes through a review of processes that improve business activities and leverage the skills of internal and external resources.

With a solution that runs across the entire value chain from suppliers to end customers, your company can regain production process control, organise approval cycles, and allocate resources and budgets optimally.

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Three reasons why we should meet

1 You need to reduce redundancies and inefficiencies related to the creation and sharing of digital content and the distribution of campaigns across media, whether internally managed or outsourced.

2 You want to support or improve a centralised management of digital assets, information and editorial processes for a consistent and integrated multichannel communication.

3 You are looking for tech tools to facilitate editorial processes, manage approval-revision cycles and budgetary control through automated or simplified workflows.


Campaign Management

From ADV planning to media delivery, empower and align communication with all the actors of the advertising supply-chain.

Approval system

Online management of approval and review cycles of advertising materials, from creation to production and distribution.

Campaign Dashboard

Real-time management, control and tracking of advertising projects, budgets and campaign activities.

Distribution of content

Share, distribute, and track campaign content across multiple channels and media from a single point of control.

Layouts and Adaptation

Create layouts and workflows for automatic and manual material adaptation in the specific format as required by different target media.

Campaign Archive

Create a database of multi-channel advertising materials with numerous cataloguing and storage functions.

The path to digital transformation

1. Analysis

We interview the roles involved in the change management project to learn about the current reality, identify problems and needs.

2. Design

We draw the improvement project that best suits the business needs and identify the path and tools for its implementation.

3. Development

In close collaboration with the client, we identify and implement the most appropriate tech solutions to support the needed change management path.

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Why Hyphen-UK


More than 20 years of experience across different verticals enabled us to understand the main issues and requirements organisations face in different industries. This knowledge allowed us to develop the right tools to easily identify and address the specific needs of our clients.


For any project we are involved in, we rely on a consolidated method inspired by the Theory of Constraints. The tools we use for the analysis, design and development phases enable us to create solutions that generate real value for our clients.


The Chalco.Net platform supports companies create and manage their Digital Product Identity with particular focus on communication, distribution and multi-channel sales. Its scalable and modular capabilities make sure that when your business grows and develops, so does Chalco.Net


Our purpose is to design solutions that enhance people, improve processes and results of organisations and create win-win collaborations throughout the value chain.

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