The Hyphen-UK DNA

We are a group of people with vision and method. We design, develop and implement solutions to support the processes of communication, promotion and multi-channel sales.

What do we do?

We support organisations embrace digital transformation and create business impact. With root and expertise in any industry we operate in, we develop collaborative solutions, services and relationships that allow organisations to reinvent the way they work with product and brand content, drive revenue and enhance market agility.

We help your marketing, sales and creative teams build up a digital supply chain perfectly integrated with the product one.

Product Information Management (PIM)

The new digital communications and relations media have transformed the way customers interact with brands and products. The need to track consumer buying habits and trends to address the evolving shopping brand experience requires a new way to communicate -Omnichannel. PIM allows marketing and sales to collect and coherently organise all the relevant information and distribute accurate and rich product data across various media outlets and sales channels.

Digital Asset & Content Management (DAM)

Each company has a digital heritage that continues to increase. This heritage has a real value that must be protected, managed and valorised. DAM acts as a centralised location were to store, manage and distribute to different digital properties your Digital Capital: images, video, digital files, photographic, sketches, animation and music.

Our platform allows you to streamline the way assets are handled, allowing a file to be loaded, shared, renamed, backup, classified, grouped, archived, optimised, maintained, exported and then pushed to the various applicable channels.

Photography: Product Cycle Management

Hyphen Still Life (HSL) is the solution for the complete management of the product photographic process. It consists of a special 360 set and management console with production software for the information, adaptation and optimisation of the images prior to being added to the Digital Asset & Product Content Management solutions. A series of services & configured solutions for the product images, allow you to manage the optical flow creation, adaptation and delivery to the various communication sales channels.

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How we operate

We look at your work processes first and the tools your people need second.

Being both, a consultancy company and a digital supply chain software and hardware provider led us to realise that the solution has never been just the technology. Very often people need to work in a different way to become more efficient and to actually understand the benefits of the new technology companies have invested in.

We help organisations understand the reasons why they need to change. A key element of our offering is the business impact assessment. We have really smart people getting involved in the early stage around a particular challenge or project supporting you to figure out the appropriate approach and solutions.

Our solutions are designed on the base of the profound knowledge acquired through a proven analysis model of your business processes. This allows us to provide an improved guarantee about the quality and the Return On Investment related to the project.

The methodology we use in the analysis stage is inspired by the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and it is supported by the deep knowledge of the circumstances in which we work: our consulting services are very crucial in increasing the success and impact of our offering.

Additionally, we make the transition journey easier and faster by providing 24/7 support and all range of services like training to help your teams and users to effectively get the best value out of the system.

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