Hyphen is your best partner for PIM, DAM and Photography solutions

We design, develop and implement multichannel content-to-media solutions that support the processes of communication, promotion and sales.

What do we do?

We develop collaborative solutions and services that allow organisations to reinvent the way they work with product and brand content, drive revenue and enhance market agility.

We help marketing, sales and creative teams to build up a digital supply chain perfectly integrated with their products.

DAM & PIM Solutions For Digital Asset Management

Hyphen-UK offers enterprise content-to-media solutions for the following areas of interest:

Media Management      01
Digital Marketing Asset Management     02
Product Master Data/Content Management Workflow     03
Photo Production     04
E-commerce & Marketplace Management     05
Trade/POS/POP Asset Management     06
Digital Production Management     07
Retail Management     08

The above enterprise solutions are based on the Hyphen- Chalco.net and HSL platforms

Product Information Management (PIM)

The digital landscape has transformed the way that customers interact with brands and products. The need to track consumer buying habits and trends to address the evolving shopping brand experience requires a new way to communicate -Omnichannel.

Chalco.net PIM allows marketing and sales to collect and coherently organise all of the relevant product data, ready for instant distribution across various media outlets and sales channels.

Digital Asset & Content Management (DAM)

Each company has a digital legacy that must be protected and managed.  Chalco.net DAM acts as a centralised repository to store, manage and distribute your Digital Capital: images, video, sketches, animation and music.

Our platform allows you to streamline the way assets are handled, allowing a digital asset to be uploaded, renamed, backed up, optimised, and then exported to your chosen channels.

Photography: Product Cycle Management

Hyphen Still Life (HSL) is our solution for the complete automation and management of product photography. It consists of a special automated photographic unit integrated with a management console, combined with production software for the acquisition, adaptation and optimisation of product and model images.

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How we operate

Being both a technical consultancy company and a digital supply chain software and hardware provider led us to realise that the solution has never been just about technology.

We help organisations understand the reasons why they need to change. A key element of our offering is business impact assessment. We believe in getting involved early on in a project, to help support companies to figure out the appropriate solution for them.

Our solutions are designed on knowledge acquired through a proven analysis model of your business processes, carried out prior to installation of equipment. This allows us to provide an improved guarantee about the quality and the Return On Investment related to the project.

Additionally, we make the transition journey easier and faster by providing 24/7 support and a range of training services to help your teams and users to effectively get the best value out of the system.

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