Hyphen Still Life: hardware and software solution for product photo automation

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In today’s market environment product photography is a critical business component for all companies selling products through a mix of digital channels.
Being able to efficiently produce high quality, effective product images greatly boosts the chance of sales conversion. Consequently, nowadays the product photography process is a key link in the ‘critical chain’ of the business of all brands and retailers.
Particularly when managing and selling a high number of products, product image quality and time to market constraints can only be overcome by an efficient product photography automation operation.

Introducing Hyphen- HSL

Hyphen’s HSL (Hyphen- Still Life) is a complete hardware and software solution for product photography automation. It offers automated photography sets, accessories and software for in-studio photography production delivering high productivity with no compromise to image quality and creativity.
The HSL solution is geared toward omni-channel product promotion and sales, particularly for e-commerce and marketplace sale channels.
HSL streamlines and automates all activities of the product photography process including: shooting list management with product shooting statuses, assisted product placement on set, camera, lighting and photography set preset management, automatic image post production and automatic generation of product images adaptation exports.
The HSL solution is also fully integrated with Hyphen’s Chalco.BrandLife product content management system providing an end-to-end solution for the management of the product marketing master data including automatic data feeds to e-commerce and marketplace sale channels.

If you are interested in learning more about HSL, please read the second part of this article. To request a one-to-one tech-meeting @ Hyphen, Email us at info@hyphen-uk.com.

How HSL works

1. An HSL product shooting session is managed through a series of software assisted steps which includes the shooting list product identification and metadata tagging through barcode reading or RFID tag reading, the assisted product placement on set and the assisted photo-shooting according to the pre-defined Brand’s photography guidelines that are specific to each product category.

The HSL shooting views software function assists/guides the photographer while shooting each required image shot for each type/category of product based on the intended output channel requirements.
The HSL photography sets and accessories allow for product photography of model shots, mannequins and ghost mannequin shots, all types of still-life product images, 360 product rotation images and interactive video-like photography through the HSL HILP and TOUCH viewer technologies.

2. The product shots captured through the HSL shooting sessions are transferred to the Chalco.BrandLife PCM platform as digital image assets and are automatically post-produced.The Chalco.BrandLife product content management workflow provides functions such as product image cataloguing and preview generation, linking of the images to the product card and automatic metadata tagging, approval and annotations workflow, check-in/check-out functions for off-line post-production and more.
Upon approval HSL product master images are automatically adapted, formatted and exported for the intended output channels according to HSL shooting views requirements that are based on the Brand’s photography guidelines.
This includes the automatic generation of interactive HTML5 viewers of the product.

3. Furthermore, the Chalco.BrandLife platform allows access to all authorized users and roles to the marketing product master data presenting up-to-date product information and images according to pre-established user access privileges. Additionally, the Chalco.BrandLife PMC platform automatically formats and distributes the product marketing content (both text and images/visual content) to the designated output channels and any other company system.

Hyphen- HSL and Chalco.BrandLife PCM combine for a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the product’s marketing Life-cycle management from the initial concept to the final product marketing content data delivery to the designated channels, including the production management of both text and visual content of the products.
With the HSL and Chalco.BrandLife PCM solutions your company can synchronize the Product supply chain management with the Product’s digital supply chain thus unleashing the full value and potentials of your products and brands.

Three reasons to meet with us

A personalized one-to-one tech-meeting @ Hyphen- provides your organization with the opportunity to:

– present your needs for the production, management and delivery of the digital content of your products whose effectiveness is paramount to your sales and promotions across all channels.

– gain a detailed understanding of Hyphen- solutions for product content management and product photography automation as they apply to your company digital transformation, including valuable insights on the best practices that have been established by Hyphen while serving many global brands and retailers.

– receive an accurate presentation and live demonstration of the Hyphen- solutions that are geared to your specific markets and needs, including real on-field application examples and in-depth technical details offered by our team.


London Shoreditch location: visit us at our walk-in show room in one of the most hipster areas of London for a first-hand experience of our HSL technology and HILP set in an informal and welcoming setting.

Hyphen-Italia HQ and main office is located in Affi (Verona), Italy in close proximity to beautiful Lake Garda and the city of Verona with its many art attractions and landmarks. A visit to our Affi office will provide you with the best opportunity to meet many members of our team and to enjoy a full-immersion experience in our Area 51 tech-meeting facility.

How to request a one-to-one tech-meeting @ Hyphen-

Email us at info@hyphen-uk.com. If you are an existing client, please contact your Hyphen- account manager to request a tech-meeting.

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