2018 Events – the Hyphen Group teams up with Richmond in 10 worldwide events

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Hyphen-Group @ Richmond Events

The productive partnership between the Hyphen Group and the Richmond organization grows ever stronger. We’ve been regularly participating in the Italian events for several years and this year we’ve decided to include the two other countries in our group, Hyphen-UK and our brand-new Hyphen-US, so we can broaden and increase the number of events in which we are taking part.

Richmond has been active in organizing B2B events for over 20 years. They create a meeting point for suppliers and potential customers through a pre-arranged schedule based on the interests declared by participants.

The format includes one-on-one meetings, speakers and networking sessions so that Senior Managers and decision makers from top companies in all sectors (Delegates) can meet with suppliers of services (Exhibitors) with the aim of increasing their understanding of the market, building their professional network, initiating positive collaborations and bringing together the experience and needs of the Delegates with the ideas and solutions provided by Exhibitors.

Being part of Richmond events gives us the opportunity to reaffirm our presence in the Italian market and, as Hyphen-Group, to bring to the world our two decades of experience and our approach to digital transformation. Hyphen has become a multinational so that we can address the specific needs of the market and countries we operate in with the same Hyphen values, vision, method and solutions, never compromising on the rigour and depth of our approach to digitization that is still too often approached superficially.

The Hyphen-Italia dates are:
17 May – Marketing Forum @ Artimino
29 May – Retail Business Forum @ Gubbio
20 September – Ecommerce Forum @ Rimini
12 November – IT Director Forum @ Rimini

The Hyphen-UK dates are:
8 March – Digital Marketing Forum @ Hertfordshire
24 April – Retail Forum @ Birmingham
8 October – IT Director Forum @ Hertfordshire
21 November – Marketing Forum @ Hertfordshire

The Hyphen-US dates are:
3 June – Marketing Forum @ Ponte Vedra, Florida
1 November – CIO Forum @New York

Are you going to these events? As we would be delighted to meet you!

About Hyphen-UK

We work with businesses on the road to digitisation.
We are convinced that technology is a necessary but insufficient tool to create real value for customers.

Our work is born from the analysis of the current state of the organisation and the resulting strategic framework that outlines a path for bespoke change management which focuses on improving procedures and processes that feed its communications, promotions, and multi-channel sales. Finally, we identify and develop software best suited to the specific needs of the client and the market of operation.

To learn more about our approach and solutions, contact us via this form or write us an email at info@hyphen-uk.com. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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