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We support

Increase operational efficiency, control brand consistency and improve customer experience.

Our unique blend of consultancy and software solutions is designed to feed the specific needs of your business, allowing you to work faster and deliver more business impact.

We support all of the processes and people involved in the design, creation, management and distribution of content for your brand and products, allowing you to take full control of the final outcome.

Fashion & Luxury

Centralise digital assets and maintain brand consistency across multiple channels.

Our solutions enable you to streamline the processes involved in the management of product information, delivery of digital contents, brand communication and multi-channel sales.



Control your digital assets and increase your time-to-market for catalogue, web, and print collateral.

With the evolving need to manage and repurpose thousands of digital assets for distribution across print, web and retail display, our platform is highly effective in automating and managing the processes and tasks needed for the design, creation and delivery of catalogues, flyers and lookbooks.

Agencies & Media

Enhance your value to clients by acting as a content provider able to deal with quick turnaround and large capacity of digital content creation.

Our solutions and services are designed to support processes typically used by communication and production agencies, allowing them to maintain client brand integrity, control costs and increase impact and engagement of multichannel media campaigns.


Ensure integrity, consistency and quality for your brand and product with Hyphen solutions.

We offer a variety of solutions to capture and manage your product’s digital content, specifically designed to support cohesive global brand strategy. Manage and distribute your brand assets anywhere, anytime, improving productivity and profitability.


Connect teams and technology to deliver projects on time, on budget and on brand.

Our platform allows publishers to streamline the production process and enhance collaboration, meaning your teams can work more efficiently in creating, managing, sharing, and analysing assets from a central source.

Our Solutions

Full automation of product photography and Product Information Content Management

  • Chalco.net
  • HSL (Hyphen- Still Life)


Who needs Chalco.net 

    The Operating System For Your Digital Content

    Chalco.net is the ideal solution to manage and distribute all of your brand and product digital content. This modular software platform is designed to support digital multi-channel communication and sales processes, helping to protect the integrity of your brand. Integrated with our unique hardware and software suite Hyphen Still Life (HSL), it enables organisations to manage the digitisation of their product content «end to end».


    Chalco.net provides many benefits for the design, production, management and distribution of digital product and brand content.


    Boosting online retail sales requires accurate and appealing content to be made available and published at the right time. Our end-to-end e-commerce platform allows you to streamline and manage the entire process, from the automation of product photography to marketing master data management, dramatically decreasing the time to market for new product sales online.


    Enhance sales by creating an environment where the sales team get the content they need efficiently. Our solutions bridge the gap between sales and marketing, allowing you to streamline sales processes, and ensuring that the marketing assets are relevant and easily accessible.

    Visual Merchandising

    Our platform provides workflow solutions to manage visual merchandising brand directives across different outlets including centralized verification and approval of store/point of sale set-up.

    Brand & product communication

    Achieve brand success by streamlining communications and ensuring consistency across different channels and departments.


    Our solutions help marketers to maximise revenue opportunities by increasing the delivery of marketing content. Our centralised repository of reusable brand-media components allows you to automate content workflows, speed time-to-market, reduce off-brand messages, lower total cost and maintain brand integrity.

    SaaS or On-Premise install

    The Chalco.net AND HSL solutions are available as a SaaS or an on-premises solution.


    HSL: A simple innovative workflow that makes a difference

    • Setting up your product

      Enter the product information concerning your product manually or via the barcode and place the product on the HSL photographic set.

    • Photographing your product

      Your shots are verified, approved and sent to the Digital Asset Management (DAM). The DAM system will allow you to manage the creation and bespoke adaptation of the images, and provide the 360 and processed images.

    • Your title

      The DAM system ensures that the product images are enriched with the latest product information in an automatic or manual method, depending on the organisation’s characteristics.

    • Product information
      and image delivery to Channel

      Customisable workflows allow you to manage the delivery of images and information for your e-Commerce and other digital channels.

    Find out more about HSL

    Find out more about HSL & HILP photography

    Find out more about HSL

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    Visit our Hyphen- Photo-Lab: book a tech meeting to experience the HSL & HILP photography solution and see how product photography innovation and productivity can impact your business.